Monday, October 16, 2017

Siiiick man that was lit!

The subject line is a tribute to our dear investigator who came to
church with us while he was completely stoned and proclaimed how "lit"
it was to the entire congregation right after we all stood and sang
Families can be Together Forever. That's what you get in East London.
He's right though.
And the phrase is how I feel about our week too! On Tuesday I was on
an exchange with Sister Gade from FIJI. She's totally awesome. We were
both trained by the same person! I loved being with her and she is
such a spiritual giant!
We went finding on Thursday and we were in Dagenham, a town in our
area that is just perfect because it's full of humble Africans. We
went into the library because we had an appointment and there was a
full blown party going on! People from like every country in Africa
had brought food from their countries and so it was a food festival.
We went around and it was such a perfect finding opportunity. We
handed out so many Book of mormons. This is such a blessed land.
After church on Sunday we were rushing to the Europe Broadcast in
Romford and we stopped by an investigator's. He has such a nice family
and he is the pastor of a church, they had a birthday party and they
gave us cake and jelloff rice and sent us on our way!
The Broadcast was amazing. I won't reveal too many secrets because it
was exclusive for those of us in Europe:) Elder Ballard bore such a
powerful testimony. I loved what he had to say. He promised us all
miracles if we simply believe and shared such powerful experiences in
his life. I love him so much! The spirit was so strong at the
Broadcast and we had  two recent converts with us, Ben and Curtis,
they are amazing.
Also we got a surprise this week, the legendary Sister Ranck and
Sister Epicoco knocked on the door of our flat! They used to serve
here and came back to visit Ilford! I serve around the most fun people
ever. Sister Lamb is incredible. We both love talking about so mannyyy
things. Last night we stayed up having a serious talk about deep sea
trenches. There's a random fact for you.

The work of God continues!

Sister Barnes

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cheers to 20 Years!

Another Autumn week in blessed England. . . Miracles are rampant in
these parts. We met with a super cool investigator after praying and
praying and PRAYING for a miracle. We were able to teach this amazing
lesson that was completely led by God and by the spirit. He is on date
now and is doing so well! We went on 2 exchanges this week, I was with
Sister De Oliveira from Brazil and Sister Reichling from Germany, I
love these sisters! We also had an amazing zone Conference in Hyde
Park and me and Sister Lamb gave a training that was really fun!
The pictures really say it all:

1. They surprised me in the wee hours of October 4th and dumped
balloons all over me. Yay for birthdays!!

2. Recent converts, members, and investigators came in clutch and
dropped off gifts all throughout the day. . . Flowers, perfume,
chocolate, and lots of birthday wishes. It was the greatest birthday
ever!! #partyinengland

3. A digital birthday card from a recent convert

4. ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!! The Romford, Canterbury, and Hyde Park zones of the ELM.

5. Goodbye to the Irish Elder Jackson. . . He has been either my zone
leader or AP for my entire mission.

It's been a wonderful spirit-filled week of hastening the Lord's work along.

I love you all so very much!
Sister Barnes

Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy October!

Ladies and gentleman it's the most wonderful time of the year! I love
the British autumn. Let's face it there is no other month that starts
with General Conference and ends with Halloween. The two best things
on earth.
We had MLC this week and it was amazing as always. I really learned a
lot and it was so good to be there with President and Sister Stevens.
Was wonderful to work together in the spirit of counsel! I took back a
lot of things from it.
Because we love Conference so much we printed out flyers and talked
with people tirelessly about it every single day this week. With the
Elders, we even tried an English Missionary staple. We soapboxed. We
set out a stand in the middle of town center and preached. And it
rained, actually no, it didn't rain, it poured. It was awesome, we
found so many good people.
We spent the weekend in Romford, they have the coolest chapel that was
built in the 80's, it's so retro and that is where we watched General
Conference. Are there even words that I can use to describe General
 Go watch it if you haven't already!
I felt like every talk was rooted in the importance of service and
there were so many wonderful things that stood out to me. It was a
spiritual feast for sure. Life just couldn't get better:)

Happy October!

Sister Barnes

Monday, September 25, 2017

Lamb Barne Farms

Ohhhh man. I now have living proof that I shook Jeffrey R. Holland's
hand. I'm so excited about this picture!!!:) And I am so EXCITED for
General Conference!!!! It's gonna be soooooo good!!!
On Tuesday I cried so hard when Sister Kinney left oh my goodness. And
then I cried in gratitude because I got another legendary companion
who is probably the sweetest person in the entire world. Sister Lamb.
I love this woman. We have been working hard and loving the work.
Recently we traveled out of ghetto Ilford and went contacting in
Dagenham, the town is filled with humble Africans and we saw so many
miracles. People were stopping US. It was actually so bizarre. In
England that never happens! We also went to visit an old former
investigator and she opened the door almost the second I knocked on it
and is stilling willing to meet with us! We also ran into a really
cool American guy. He will get baptised someday, no doubt.
Shiv got confirmed on Sunday and Sister Kinney and her mom came to
church! It was so cool! They also came with us to a dinner appointment
at a recent convert's. It was the best! So much happened but as usual
I have no time to type it all. What can I do?:)

Blessings to you!

Sister Barnes

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jeffrey R. Holland

Well my week started off by shaking hands with Jeffrey R. Holland. So.
If that doesn't tell you what kind of a week it was, I don't know what
will. I remember seeing a meme once that said "when Satan goes to
sleep at night, he checks under his bed for Jeffrey R. Holland" I am
here to testify that is true.
He came and spoke to us because this is his former mission. England
London Mission for life! When I shook hands with him it really felt
like I was looking into the eyes of someone who has seen Jesus Christ.
He said so many amazing things. One of my favorite things he talked
about was how this Gospel is one of eternal progression and not
U-turns, and so we cannot serve a mission and EVER be who we were
before. As sweet, as wonderful, as we were, we need to be someone so
much better. It made me feel good because I have really changed a lot
on my mission and I'm definitely not who I was before I started it. I
just love him!! It was amazing! I was reunited with my MTC group and
so we took lots of pictures and we look like a bunch of fools, so the
pictures are accurate.
Sister Kinney goes home today so that's really sad/happy. I'm so
excited to see all of the amazing things she will do in her life, I
sure love that woman. She will be missed. She served in Ilford for 7
months and the ward just loves her like crazy! And so do I! And so we
were busy with little get togethers and farewells with members and
Clelia was baptised on Saturday, on her daughters birthday. It sure
was a party, a baptism/birthday bash. I love Clelia and I am thankful
for her example. My convert from Hayes, William came to surprise me!
He showed up to the baptism and bore his testimony. It was he greatest
day! And Shiv was baptised on Sunday. He is so humble and awesome and
I feel the spirit so strong whenever I am around him. It was the best
day. And then after his baptism we celebrated his birthday and Sister
Kinney's departure. I just love these people so much!!!
Yesterday Bank took us to this beautiful Thai restaurant and I had my
doubts because I am a picky eater, but I LOVE Thai food. Oh my
heavens. It was like a five course meal and it was so much fun, Bank
is the coolest guy ever! And then we had a great FHE and a lot of our
investigators came to wish sister Kinney well. It was so awesome. I
get to stay in Ilford!!! I will be getting Sister Lamb, she is from
Utah and is so awesome! I am so excited to stay in this area!
There's this week's essay, it was one of the best of my life.

The church is true!

Sister Barnes

Monday, September 11, 2017

Living in London

This week we basically lived in Central London because of all of our
meetings. We had a really special day with President and Sister
Stevens, they held an STL meeting in their flat in South Kensington on
Tuesday, it was so good to be with them and to talk about our sisters
and what more we can do for them. We stayed overnight with Sister
Gregson and Sister Zeng in Whitechapel. It is such a beautiful area!
Then the next day we had Super MLC in the Hyde Park Chapel. The
meetings were so good and spiritually uplifting! We were able to apply
a lot of the trainings into our work!
Speaking of work, this week we had 10 of our investigators at church!!
Yayyyy! There was a huge Ilford Ward munch and mingle for Bishop's son
who just got back from his mission in Italy. We had so many miracles
this week. Our new investigators we found are amazing and the ones
that we have on date are some of my favorite people in the world.

I love you all!

Sister Barnes

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Physically Strong, Spiritually Stronger

What can I say about this week? We had MLC on Wednesday. I felt the
spirit so strong being able to counsel with the leaders of the
mission. I love President and Sister Stevens so much. We all felt so
motivated and inspired and I'm excited to see all of the wonderful
things that will happen in the England London Mission this month!
We had a couple really fun exchanges this week. Miracles are raining
down upon our sisters! We work with the best people ever, I promise!
This P-day we were personally trained at the gym by one of my ultimate
favorite people I have ever taught. Bank is such a stud. He is our
investigator from Thailand and I have never met anyone more sincere or
generous. We had so much fun this morning, and took loads of pictures.
Here is a sneak peek of me and Sister K getting #swoll.
We have had an amazing week and I wish I could write down all of these
spiritual experiences that we have had but they're all in my journal
for safe keeping. It's cooling down over here and we have a busy week
ahead of us, I can't wait!:)

Sending my love!

Sister Barnes