Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Party Hard, Preach Harder

This week was amazing and I have no time so this time there will only
be pictures:)

God lives

Sister Barnes

Monday, July 17, 2017

Portugese Power

This will be short, but it has been a wonderful week like always! We
have seen so many miracles and we are so blessed. This week we had
exchanges and I was with Sister Lannan from Australia, she is so
awesome! It was insane. We went finding and all of these people were
so interested in the Gospel. We gave at least 3 church tours to the
most sincere people. I can't even express how much I love the
investigators we are working with, they mean so much to me.
We had interviews with President and Sister Stevens, Sister Kinney and
I were able to share a spiritual thought for that and it was so fun.
It has been an amazing week and we have felt the spirit so strongly
Yesterday after church, members invited us all to a Portugese barbecue
and it was the best thing ever, there were at least 6 non-members
there and they all got to know the missionaries in a super comfortable
environment! Blessings. I love this work and things are going so well
in Ilford.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, I've got no time!

Keep on rocking it!

Sister Barnes

Monday, July 10, 2017

Agents of Christ

To start the week off, last p-day I had two of Sister Kinney's recent
converts, Shah and Prageeth, come to surprise her in Ilford. We were
so secretive about it and she was so shocked and just burst into
tears. . . It was really sweet! So we spent the whole day with them
and had the time of our lives, it was so much fun!!
Another highlight of the week (there are so many!!) was Amy's
baptism!! It was so wonderful because she was able to be baptised with
her boyfriend and it was a really special day for them. I found a
guitar in the ward clerk's office and so I was able to play a musical
number at the baptism and sing with my companion and the elders! It
was so good to pick up a guitar and be able to play again.
We also gave a training in zone Conference this week about how to work
with members, we coached like 60 missionaries in front of President
and the AP's in central London. Good thing God qualifies the called;)
It was so spiritual and such a great experience! Zone Conference
always is.
We had two exchanges this week and I was able to be with Sister Garcia
from Mexico, and we had the funnest time ever! We all got to celebrate
the Fourth of July at our American members' house. It was so good to
eat hot dogs and be surrounded by American flags. And also American
accents. Our other exchange I was with Sister Kahn from Pakistan, she
is one of my most favourite people in all the land. She speaks Hindi
and so she was able to communicate with all of these people in my
blessed area Ilford which is basically India. So believe me, I was in
Heaven just being immersed in the Hindi language.
Cool miracles!! Me and Sister Kahn went out to visit a referral that
lives super far away and so we had to demonstrate a lot of faith but
it was so worth it because this guy had apparently visited the Hyde
Park Visitors' Center and told everyone he wanted him and his daughter
to be baptised. So we head out and end up meeting our referral's dad.
He was this awesome old man who loves Jesus Christ and was super
interested in the Book of Mormon. Elvis is his hero. He's cool, I love
him, and we are going back to teach him this week.
Sister Kahn and I went to see yet another referral and this time their
dad was he only one home too. Another really cool (slightly less cool
than the first old man) but we shared more of our message with him and
he felt the spirit so strong. It was so cool that God led us to people
who we didn't plan on meeting, but who really needed us nonetheless.
We had an investigator who came into church and we gave him a chapel
tour. He has seen missionaries before and calls us agents of Christ,
he thought we were like some secret group and it was so funny because
I had met him on the bus and he thought I was so open and nice and
that's what made him decide to come see what church was all about. So

I love this Gospel with my whole heart!

Sister Barnes

Monday, July 3, 2017


We had Mission Leadership Council this week on Wednesday in central
LONDON and the zone leaders drove us. We had the most spiritual
meeting and it was so humbling to get together as leaders of the
England London Mission and to be able to sit there with some of the
most incredible missionaries I have ever met. We all came from
different corners of the earth and we were all able to be focused on
one thing: teaching repentance and baptising converts. The spirit was
so strong. I'm so thankful for these missionaries that I serve with,
they were all so loving to me and didn't treat me like the young
newbie I am. I learned so much!!
My favorite part of the whole thing was driving back through London
and across London Bridge. My head was literally sticking out of the
zone leaders' car for like 2 hours and Elder Hinatsu stopped the car
sometimes and let me hand out pass along cards to people at
crosswalks. I don't know, it was just so fun and peaceful, and London
is so beautiful. We got to drive across the London bridge 3 times
because we made a wrong turn and had to go back. It was so cool. I
love this mission.
We had exchanges with the Romford sisters on Friday and I was with my
beloved MTC companion Sister Abeling! It was so amazing to spend the
day as companions again, we've come such a long way! I love her so
much. We had another amazing week in Ilford, we found about 11 really
awesome investigators and we are busier an I have ever been in my
entire life!! Miracles are just surrounding us though! And we have so
many investigators that are progressing towards baptism. Both us and
the Stratford Elders are preparing for a baptism his Saturday! Woooo
hooooo! Hope you all have a great 4th of July!

God bless America!

Sister Barnes