Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Spirit of God

Oh I do not even have words for how miraculous this week was. For
starters we got to travel to my birthplace, the blessed land of
Sittingbourne, England to do a blitz with the sisters there. They
ended up cancelling while we were on the train, but we still went
finding to get them some new investigators. It's so odd how when I was
in Sittingbourne I would get homesick for Utah, but now when I get
homesick, I get homesick for Sittingbourne. Weird how that works:) Got
ruthlessly slammed on high street for a couple hours, just like the
good old days. We found some awesome people nevertheless!
We had such a good time last night, one of our investigators had some
wood in her backyard she needed to burn and so we brought a bunch of
investigators, recent converts, and s'more equipment and had a Gospel
Bonfire. It was wonderful!
The people we are working with are doing great and there has been so
much progression these last weeks as we have focused on our
investigators on date for baptism. We got transfer calls and I am
staying in Ilford with Sister Kinney. I finally get to stay with a
companion for more than one transfer! And this is going to be her last
transfer. Miracles are going to be wrought in the land. I love being a
missionary more than anything.

The spirit of God like a fire is burning;)

Sister Barnes

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